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the face of dhamma

Many years ago, as I knelt in front of my Master, I received the instruction to teach and offer Dhamma so that all beings could benefit.
Later still I began sharing these teachings on Facebook.
Here then, is a collection of those daily reminders to support everyone on their own Dhamma Path.
Michael Kewley
Price: 8€

a journey to awakening

The memoirs of a Dhamma disciple.
Told in a narrative form these are the memories of the Dhamma journey of a living Master. From his humble beginnings on a small island in the British Isles to his intuitive interest in meditation and compassionate living as a young man, to meeting and training with his own Master during twenty two years of discipleship. To share a Dhamma journey has only value if it encourages others to go past the point where they usually stop in their life.’
Price: 8€

The Dhammapada

Teachings of life.
Michael’s beautiful new translation of the classic Buddhist book
Here are the four hundred and twenty three verses of the Dhammapada, in a style and language relevant to our modern, twenty first century lives.
Michael offers these beautiful teachings to encourage us to find the best of ourselves and to share that with the world.
After all, if the words of the Master do not inspire us to practice, what value do they have?
Price: 8€

The reality of kamma

Living with the law of cause and effect.
Kamma (or Karma in Sanskrit) is a reality, a universal truth in our lives. According to Buddhist teaching, to know, understand and harmonise with the profond truth of kamma is essential to our lasting peace and happiness.
Through the use of short stories and simple images former Theravada Buddhist monk Michael Kewley gives clear explanations of the real and living truth of kamma as it manifests moment after moment in our daily lives. Living with the law of cause and effect.
Price: 6€

The other shore

a bouddhist training for daily life.
The Other Shore transcends both time and culture to bring to us the voice of the Buddha. How did he really speak? What words did he use to share his teaching?
Written by a former Theravada Buddhist monk this book takes us to the heart of Gotama, before and after his enlightenment, and emphasises a life of love, awareness and sustained effort, until we ourselves reach the other shore.
“Few men reach the other shore. Almost all run up and down this side of the river.”
Price: 7€

Walking the path

To be a true spiritual seeker we must bring our practice into daily life.
What does it really mean to say “I am a Buddhist”, and how as Westerners, can we demonstrate our faith in this path on our own journey to enlightenment? This is a practical guide for the Western lay Buddhist on how to bring the Dhamma into every moment of our lives, to celebrate our lives and to share our joy with the world.
To bring the real message of the Buddha into our twenty-first century lives we have to go beyond the religious and symbolic aspects of the teaching. We have to apply these teachings in every situation and walk step by step, on this beautiful path of awareness and love.
Price: 7€

life changing magic

A home practice course to empower the mind and enhance our life.
Vipassana, or insight meditation, reveals to us that the greatest power in the universe is the mind itself, and that it can be our best friend or greatest enemy. Everything depends on how we access and then use that power. Michael Kewley shows us how we can joyfully and lovingly use the power of the mind to bring all the things we want for ourselves in life, whether psychologically, emotionally, or materially.
This small book offers an inspiring affirmation of the life enhancing practice of Vipassana meditation.
Price: 6€

Life is not personal

A series of daily reflections given in the spirit of pure Dhamma. The author, a former Theravada Buddhist monk, asks us to consider the teachings offered and to use them in our everyday life if freedom from unhappiness and the “victim mentality” truly is our spiritual goal.
“With right understanding, happiness, love and peace are only a moment away. Open this small book at random and see the gift it brings you.” Michael Kewley (Dhammachariya Pannadipa). 
Price: 6€

nimm das leben nicht persönlich

Eine Sammlung täglicher Betrachtungen im Geist des reinen Dhamma. Der Autor, ein ehemaliger buddhistischer Mönch in der Tradition des Theravada, fordert uns auf, die dargebotenen Lehren zu prüfen und in unserem Alltag anzuwenden, sofern die Befreiung von Unglücklichsein und Opfermentalität unser aufrichtiges spirituelles Ziel ist.
„Mit dem richtigen Verständnis sind Glück, Liebe und Frieden nicht weit entfernt. Öffnen Sie dieses kleine Buch aufs Geratewohl und sehen Sie, welches Geschenk sich Ihnen bietet.“ Michael Kewley (Dhammachariya Pannadipa)
Price: 6€

Higher than happiness

A collection of thirteen short Dhamma Talks.
Meditation teachings written with a warmth and clarity that makes them easy to understand. Everyday life situations are used to deepen our understanding of the art of mindful living.
“The goal of spiritual pursuit is wisdom, the arising of insight, and the ability to live peacefully in the world, whatever circumstances present themselves. Attempting to create only preconceived conditions for spiritual development is doomed to failure, and can only result in frustration and disappointment. If spiritual practice is to have any real and lasting value, it must include everything, every aspect of life. As our understanding deepens we can see that nothing is outside Dhamma, all the good things and all the bad. We don`t need to get rid of all our possessions, but we do need to examine our attachment to them. We don`t need to get rid of our family and friends, but we do need to understand our resentment towards them. With the arising of wisdom we can recognise that all the things we thought were obstacles to personal development are in fact, the very things that will lead us to it.” Michael Kewley.
Price: 6€


the way to an awakened life.
Written by a former Buddhist monk, and now internationally acclaimed Dhamma Master, this week by week home study course of Vipassana (insight) and Metta (loving kindness) meditation is a gift for everyone who wants to find peace and joy in their life.
To put down what we carry and so realise the fruit of awakening is the goal of practice.
Now we can be happy and share that happiness with all beings.
This is worthy of our greatest effort.
Price: 6€


Der Weg in ein erwachtes Leben.
Dieses Buch wurde von einem früheren buddhistischen Mönch und nun international anerkannten Dhamma-Meister geschrieben und ist ein strukturierter Einführungskurs in die Vipassana- (Einsicht) und Metta- (Liebende Güte) Meditation. Es ist ein Geschenk an alle, die ein Leben in Gelassenheit und Freude führen möchten. Das Ziel der Meditationspraxis ist, die Bürde, die wir tragen, abzulegen und damit unser Erwachen zu realisieren. So wird es für uns möglich, glücklich zu sein und dieses Glück mit allen Wesen zu teilen. Dies ist unsere größte Mühe wert.
Price: 6€

not this

and other teachings from the Spiritual Heart.
A disciple went to his master one day and asked, What am I? The master answered, Not this. On hearing those words the disciple was enlightened.
The author of this book is a respected teacher of Vipassana meditation. He writes with simplicity and practicality on what is truth, pursuit of the spiritual life, and meditation and insight, illustrating his themes with stories and humour.
Enlightenment is not in some special time or place. It is right here with us, right now. All we have to do is turn to it. To be it. It is not about creating special qualities and gaining something magical. It is about allowing the beautiful qualities we already have to come forth, and not permit ego and conceit to stand in their way. And so I don`t say develop love, I say be loving. I don`t say develop compassion, I say be compassionate. I don`t say develop wisdom, I say be wise. Everything you want you already have. There is nothing to get, only that which can be realised. Treasures are rare and precious. You yourself are a treasure house filled with the most beautiful things. Open your own treasure house and use those treasures. Be happy – now. Michael Kewley.
Price: 7€

buttons in the dana box

stories from a Dhamma life
A book to rouse and inspire the heart!
Humorous, loving and profound teaching stories, anecdotes and simple Dhamma quotations from a former Buddhist monk and now one of the worlds leading meditation masters. 
A book to inspire and support a life of true spiritual practice.
Price: 6€